Bird Nest Live

This is Video from one of our Bird Houses in Parkton, Maryland

Bluebird Nest

The Bluebirds left the second nest Tuesday morning, June 30th 
Here is video taken from outside the birdhouse as they flew away.


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The bluebird built a second nest in the special slotted bluebird house.
First egg hatched Thursday 6/11/09. They fledge June 30th.

Egg #1-Monday, 5/25/09 9:00 am.       Egg #2-Tuesday 5/26/09 7:55 am.   
Egg #3-Wednesday 5/27/09 8:15 am.   Egg #4-Thursday 5/28/09 8:50 am  
Egg #5-Friday 5/28/09 9:00 am


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If you have a camera in your birdhouse, send us the link to it and we will post it here.

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